Chromogenix S-2222™

Chromogenic Substrates S-2222

Catalog number: S820316

Description: Chromogenic substrate for factor Xa.

Package: 25 mg

Molecular wt: 741.3

Formula: Bz-Ile-Glu(γ-OR)-Gly-Arg-pNA•HCl
R=H (50%) and R=CH3 (50%)

Chromogenic Substrates S-2222

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Methods: Trypsin Method

Illustration of Factor Xa cleaving Prothrombin (click to enlarge)

Chromogenic Substrates S-2222 Factor Xa

Prothrombin, the natural substrate of Factor Xa, is cleaved by Factor Xa at two positions, each proceeded by the same four amino acid sequence. Factor Xa activity can be determined by the chromogenic substrate S-2222 which is composed of the same amino acids coupled to a chromophore.