Factor Xa, which has a molecular weight of 44 KDa, is the activated form of Factor X (MW: 59 KDa).

The International Units of Factor X correspond to the amount of Factor X contained in 1 ml of normal plasma. This is about 8 mg/l or 0.13 µmol/l.

Since there is no WHO standard for FXa, one would assume that if all the Factor X in normal plasma was converted to the activated form, the Factor Xa concentration would be approximately 5.7 mg/l.

The activity of human Factor Xa as calculated from the kinetic tables is 1.5 nkat/µg with the chromogenic substrate S-2222, and 4.4 µkat/µg with the chromogenic substrate S-2765.

The activity of 1 µg of Factor Xa as determined by Frieberger (1) is 1.9 nkat chromogenic substrate S-2222.
Thus, 1 plasma equivalent unit of Factor X would correspond to 15.2 nkat chromogenic substrate S-2222.

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